Colorado Pastured Pigs

Our goal for our pastured pigs is to rotate them through or pine forests. We are breeding a mix of three heritage breeds – American Guinea Hogs, Kune Kunes & Mangalitsas, to develop our ideal Colorado Pasture Pig. All three are lard hogs with highly nutritious pork. Their lard is clean and buttery, great for cooking and making lard-based products like soaps and candles. All three breeds also have amazing, sweet temperaments, which is a must for our homestead and to be able to easily rotate them through the forest.

Our hogs are fed Alfalfa Hay and non-GMO, corn free, soy free swine feed. We do not administer hormones and avoid antibiotics unless it is a life-or-death situation. (Pork buyers will be made aware of such decisions if it affects the hog they are purchasing.)

We will be harvesting our Colorado Pastured Pigs starting the fall of 2022. To get on the list for a whole or half hog, please contact us.