Durin is our gentle giant. He is tall and lean, standing 30″ to the shoulder at only 1 year of age. Durin is sensitive, patient, and incredibly sweet with our family and animals. His personality makes him a great supporter in the pack, he is never interested in vying for Alpha. He is available as a G3 stud for the Colorado Mountain Dog (CMDR) breeding program.

Durin is a Colorado Mountain Dog, a newer breed concept that is being developed specifically for temperament and intelligence. CMDs have the guarding abilities of traditional Livestock Guardians, but are more social with humans and well adapted to small acreage farms.

Registered Name: STR Durin of HPF

Breeder: Stone Table Ranch

Dam: STR Peaches of NCH (TTF Moose x STR Honey)

Sire: CNK Issac (CNK Caspian x TTF Melian)

DOB: 10/1/2020

Generational Standing: G3