– SOLD – A1/A2  

Dexter Corner Carolina is a beautiful heifer from some great miniature Jersey heritage. Perfect for a family hoping to start milking this spring — You’ll have the opportunity to bond with her, train her to the stanchion of your choosing, and experience calving with her.

Carolina also offers a chance to work on your “sizing down” program if you are planning to head toward miniature Jerseys. We personally love mid-size Jerseys because they are easier to milk. Please note: we will screen the home that Carolina goes to as she is special to us.

Sire: Dexter Corner Rambler

Dam: Misty Morning Violet

Birthdate: 12/4/2020

A2 Status: A1/A2

Height: 46”

Polled status: Disbudded

Confirmed bred with blood test from CSU Veterinary Lab. Tested October 2022.
This will be Carolina’s first calf.

Sire of calf: O-O Olie (out of Sure Shot lines) 40” registered Mini Jersey bull (IMCBR & AMJA), A1/A2, Horned

Temperament: Halter trained, gentle, easy to lead, very sweet and tries to please. Very comfortable around people and children, loves to get scratches. Carolina is toward the bottom of the pecking order in the herd, and is submissive to other cows.

Disease testing: Vaccinated for Brucellosis. Tested clean in October 2022 for BVD, BLV, Johnes, and clean fecal. She has been in a closed herd since then.

$500 deposit required to hold more than two weeks
Buyer must cover additional vet tests
Payment in full upon pickup

We were so honored that our friend, Tim O’Donnell of Dexter Corner, entrusted us to raise DC Carolina. Everything about her is beautiful and sweet, from her graceful appearance, to her gentle demeanor. Tim bottle-raises all his calves, and you can absolutely tell the difference because Carolina is so comfortable with us. She warmed up to us quickly and has been very easy to halter & lead train. Whenever we spend time out on pasture, she comes over for scratches and love. Carolina will likely end up being a mid-sized mini, but that is great for milking!