A Stay at Heritage Pines

In April, we had a wonderful guest, Jeradawn, visit us. We had a wonderful time connecting with her, showing her the farm, and getting to know her better. We asked her to share a little about her stay. The following is in her own words.

I came to the farm in need of respite from some tragic events earlier in the year. The Home Stay arrangement was precisely what I needed. Spring on the farm is full of budding life and hopefulness. Nature is restorative.

When I arrived I was greeted with a warm welcome from the family, even Christine & Nick’s three young sons are warm and welcoming. I took some time to settle into the most lovely and cozy quarters. I love sunlight, and the entire suite is bathed in light from stunning large windows.

Once I settled in to my quarters I was ready to see the farm! 

Christine showed me around the property, introducing me to all the lovely creatures, they raise; stunning chickens, curly haired dwarf pigs, mini Jersey cows (especially bred for their gentle nature and milk production), and 4 legged grass mowers aka sheep!  There are also two magnificent guardian dogs, that are goofy, sweet and skilled protectors of the farm. We chatted as I tagged along for evening chores. I learned about all they do to compassionately care for and raise the farm animals. Operating in such a way that what they do gives back to the land instead of depleting it. Christine has put tremendous effort into learning how to provide the perfect clean diet for her animals which then provides the family and eventually their CSA members with pristine raw milk, butter, free range organic eggs & pasture raised pork.

We walked the perimeter of their property and there is a view of Pikes Peak on the west ridge, and the perfect clearing on the east ridge to take in the sunrise. Everyday during my stay I dabbled in helping out with chores or milking a cow or feeding a calf. I enjoyed the simple beauty to their “ordinary” life while taking time to nap, lay in the clearing on the top of property, or experience the day’s close in the softening sound of sunset.

An option included in my stay was a prepared breakfast of my choosing, much of the selection being directly from the farm. Perfectly prepared and elegantly served in the breezeway that doubles as a music room where Christine would occasionally share her piano mastery. The first song she played for me was actually a piece I listen to often. Only God knew that one, but what a sweet way we connected over music, her talent and my admiration.

One of the surprising delights I knew was coming was 3 o’clock tea!  A lush assortment of deliciousness, the perfect break in the day. I don’t often get to experience afternoon tea.  It was so elegant, a bit of English class to grace the day.

It’s easy to talk about all the fun and interesting things I tangibly participated in or witnessed on the farm. I was also able to easily access many of the other adventures Colorado has to offer with a restful place to return. However, it’s more difficult to describe how my stay at Heritage Pines Farm helped in the healing of my heart but I would like to try. As I mentioned before, nature is restorative. Walking among tall pines emitted a sense of strength. In the clearing, enjoying the warmth of the sun, it melted away some of the sorrow. The fresh air gave me clarity to sort through my thoughts. Taking a slow stroll down a long country road offered peace beyond understanding about an unknown future. My journey towards healing is just starting and my stay at Heritage Pines Farm was catalyst for that healing.”