– SOLD – A2/A2 –

Rosalina is HPF Bella’s second heifer out of O-O Olie. She is sweet, easy going, and clever like her mother. She was bottle-raised from birth, but kept in an adjacent stall from her mother so that they could bond and not struggle with separation. Because she was bottle fed, she is extremely comfortable with people and look to us as her main point of trust. Rosa has the silver grey coloring of her mother which darkens as she gets her winter coat, and a lot of white around her legs. She will likely mature to be mid-sized.

Dam: HPF Bella (42″)

Sire: O-O Olie (40″)

Born: 6/14/23

Color: Silver/Grey

Beta Casein: A2/A2

Polled Status: Disbudded